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As one strategic partner of the China aviation industry, Deko Corporation mainly dedicate to the development, manufacture and marketing of KM brand small precision CNC lathes, precision measuring instruments, petroleum oil pipe thread measuring instruments since the end of the last century in the national high technology development zone in Xi’an, where is also the first free trade zone of the Northwest in China. We are certified to ISO 9001, all our products are manufactured and calibrated critically to the exact standards&ISO9001 management standards.

Precision Measuring Tools

Our precision measuring tools mainly includes indicators(dial indicators, digital indicators, dial test indicator, special indicators, etc), micrometers(internal micrometers, outside micrometers, digital micrometers, micrometer heads, depth micrometers, special micrometers etc), calipers(digital, dial, vernier and depth calipers),bore gauges, height gauges(vernier, dial and digital type), dial gauges(thickness gauge, digital thickness gauge, inside and outside caliper gauge, dial snap gauge), depth gauge, bevel protractor, gauge blocks etc. These measuring instruments are widely used in the different metal working industries by the stable quality and good service, under the different international standard, GB, DIN, ANSI, etc.

Petroleum Pipe Thread Instruments

Inner/outer threads taper measuring instruments, inner/outer threads pitch measuring instruments, inner/outer thread height measuring instruments are our main oil pipeline threads measuring products in the petroleum industry, which meet our national standard# JJF1063-2000 and JJG42-96 as well as API STD 5B standard too.

Small CNC Lathes

The small precision CNC machines are the basic equipment for the most small parts metal working industries, such as aviation, automobile, electronic, clock, optical instrument, mould, computer, medical equipment and so on. Our KM-20 & 30 series small lathes are your best choices when you make parts with diameter not more than 30mm. With the high quality parts, accessories(such as ballscrews, linear etc) and universal controls, these small machine lathes have been enjoying good reputations among our customers through theirs quality, cost and service.
We always believe that we can grow together with valued partners and customers through our quality products and excellence service, to realize the multi parties’ benefit. Today, we are becoming one of the leading suppliers these fields in China.

“Service, Integrity, Creativity and Excellence” are always our top value and principle. We are looking forward to providing our valued customers, both domestic and overseas, with our quality products and excellent service, to create the true value for our valued customers, partners and our staff!

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